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Reflexology by Andrea Moulding

Dollar   Beauty   is   delighted   to   introduce   Andrea   Moulding,   our   specialist   Reflexologist who   will   be   working   in   the   salon   every   Wednesday!      Andrea's   reflexology   and   other specialist massage therapies are now available to book online via our website. Reflexology   is   a   wonderfully   relaxing   and   beneficial   therapy   that   is   based   on   the theory   that   different   points   on   the   feet   correspond   with   different   areas   of   the   body, reflexologists   work   these   points   and   areas   to   help   unblock   energy   pathways   and   help alleviate symptoms associated with different organs and systems within the body. Our   specialist Andrea   trained   with   Michael   Keet   at The   London   School   of   Reflexology and   has   been   fully   qualified   in   the   Diploma   of   Reflexology   for   over   ten   years.      She   is a   member   of   the   Association   of   Reflexologists,   which   has   high   standards   in   training and    education,    and    requires    ongoing    CPD    from    their    members    to    provide    an excellent   standard   of   treatment   for   clients.      Andrea   has   also   trained   in   reflexology specialisms    such    as    pregnancy    and    birth    reflexology,    cranio-sacral    reflexology, Traditional   Chinese   Medicine   (TCM)   and   the   use   of   acupressure   points   in   reflexology.     Andrea   applies   these   additional   techniques   where   appropriate      to   enhance      her reflexology treatments to give powerful but relaxing results. Andrea   will   be   based   in   the   salon   every   Wednesday   from   9am-7pm   and   you   can book in with her using our online booking system via the wesbite.
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